Planned care

We want to support more services to be provided closer to home in the community.

Planned care is the term used for patients who have been referred for treatment or a consultation by their GP or another health professional. This is often not an emergency, and can be planned in advance with patients often able to choose the location and provider of the service.

Our aims are to:

  • Support the new hospital, with more patients being seen in a community setting
  • Reduce inappropriate referrals to hospital, with patients being referred to the right place at the right time
  • Ensure the right services are available for patients, at the moment there is a lot of duplication and variation between services.

To help support this, we will be:

  • Reviewing existing services and processes to look at where there is duplication of services and how the services are used
  • Understand what services are available and where patients prefer to go
  • To develop a transparent and collective plan across all commissioners and providers, to deliver a joint vision for the future.

What services are being considered?

The workstream will consider the care provided to both adults and children locally. It incorporates long term conditions care including cancer, as well as diagnosis and treatment of time-limited disorders and conditions.