Estates strategy

Over the past 10 years we have developed a number of flagship buildings across Sandwell and West Birmingham. We still have a number of ambitious plans to ensure:

  • Patients have access to appropriate and safe buildings to receive their health care
  • Sandwell and West Birmingham is a better place to live with modern buildings.

We are still developing our plans for developing new buildings and infrastructure, and will continue to update this page with more information. However, some of the projects we are looking at include:

Developing Wednesbury Health Centre

Wednesbury Health Centre has long been part of our vision for Sandwell and West Birmingham. Listening to local residents we know that there is a need to:

  • Improve access to GP services in the community
  • Provide additional community services, such as diagnostic tests (e.g. blood tests) in the local area
  • Improve the quality of the buildings providing GP services.

To help meet these needs, we are committed to supporting a dedicated health centre in Wednesbury. We are currently working with partners to review how we can make this a reality.

Langley Rood End

Similar to Wednesbury, we know the local community has asked us to look at how we can improve access to GP and community services. To help us decide how we can best do this, we will be:

  • Looking at the health needs of the area- what services are needed
  • What is the capacity like in local GP services
  • What condition are the buildings in locally
  • What patients want.

All of this will help us to reach a decision on whether a Community Health Centre is needed, or whether we can improve services within existing buildings in the area.

Finch Road

Working with the local community, we are reviewing how the Finch Road building is currently being used. By listening to local people’s views and also reviewing the health needs of the community we are looking to see if additional services can be put into the building, to use it to its full potential.

Primary Care Estates Strategy

The CCG is currently undertaking a review into primary care estates across Sandwell and West Birmingham. This includes looking at the condition of the buildings, capacity, planning for future demographic changes and whether buildings are meeting accessibility requirements.

This is an essential part of our work to improve access to quality primary care services for patients. 

We expect the initial phase of this review to be completed by early 2016 so we can start to build our detailed strategy for 2025. This will outline the potential improvements we want to make.

Primary Care Transformation Fund

Buildings are only one part of effective estates management. At a national level practices are being encouraged to work in partnerships, to improve access through technology.

We will bid into the national Primary Care Transformation Fund, in order to support practices to consider working together to make the most of new technology, including:

  • Shared call centres, for patients to ring for appointments and to be triaged
  • Using new technology such as online appointments
  • Using virtual technology for example in care homes.

By working differently, we hope we can increase access to practices. None of this replaces the need for a patient to see their GP face to face, however by treating minor conditions through alternative methods we can release more appointments.

Through this website, we will keep you updated on how all of these plans progress.

One of our partners, Modality, won the HSJ Award for Using Technology to Improve Efficiency Award for their ‘visionary use of technology’. This is recognising their new clinical model that uses technology to release additional time for capacity to care. You can find out more on their website.