What we will do

This is an exciting time for Sandwell and West Birmingham, with all partners working to deliver an ambitious programme of transformation by 2025.

At the heart of our work is our vision, which is to:

Create a sustainable, integrated health and social care system by 2025

Using improvements to health services as a spur for delivering:

  • Better quality neighbourhoods
  • Happier, more prosperous and healthier people
  • Better education, better employment, better businesses

We will do this by delivering:

  • Care closer to home with more services in the community
  • High quality care in high quality places
  • A healthier place to live
  • Delivering the new specialist hospital Midland Met Hospital.

Midland Met Hospital

An essential part of our work is to prepare for the new Midland Met Hospital, which will open in Autumn 2018.

The development of the Midland Met Hospital is part of a wider of our wider plan to reshape local health services to meet the needs of the Sandwell and West Birmingham population now and in the future.

The Midland Met Hospital will concentrate services for the sickest patients on a single site in Smethwick, bringing together complex surgery, inpatient care and accident and emergency services.

The new hospital will offer patients:

• High quality care

• Modern premises, designed to deliver dignity, respect and choice

• One hospital, as a result leading to opportunities to utilise the latest technological advances

• Sustainable buildings fit for the 21st century.

Midland Met Hospital is only one part of our sustainable health and social care system.

You can find out more about our plans in our priority areas.